Can I connect DBeaver to Varada?

Connect the DBeaver SQL client tool to Varada as follows:


This procedure is relevant for DBeaver 6.3.2.

  1. On the DBeaver toolbar, select the New Connection Wizard button.

  2. In the wizard, select Database connection, then Next.

  3. When prompted to select your database, select PrestoSQL, then Next.

  4. Complete the connection settings as follows:

    • Host: Your AWS Coordinator hostname
    • Port: 8080
    • Database/Schema: varada
    • User name: ec2-user
    • Password: Leave empty
  5. Select Test connection.
    If the connection is successful, a message appears showing that DBeaver and the cluster are connected.

  6. Select OK to close the message, then Finish.
    DBeaver is now connected to the Varada cluster.