Nanoblock Indexing

Varada uses the nanoblock indexing mechanism, which is uniquely optimized for high-performance analytics. Instead of storing one large index for each column you select, Varada dynamically creates millions of nanoblocks – a few dozen kilobyte-sized sub-sections of the indexed column.

Each nanoblock only stores an index for a subset of the data, and each nanoblock index is independent and uniquely adapted to that nanoblock. By taking advantage of modern storage systems, such as SSDs, monoblocks are fast to load and update, which enables Varada to quickly read and execute queries against nanoblock indexes without the overhead inherent in either traditional indexes.

Based on the data type, structure, and distribution of data in each nanoblock, Varada automatically creates an optimal index. To ensure fast performance for every query and each nanoblock, Varada automatically selects from a set of indexing algorithms and indexing parameters that adapt and evolve as data changes to ensure the best fit index any data nanoblock.