Setting Up the Varada Control Center

The first time you open the Varada Control Center, the onboarding wizard appears to guide you through the setup process.

  1. On the Welcome to Varada Control Center page, define the following values:

    • S3 Location: An S3 bucket for Varada to store configuration information.
    • Schema: The schema associated with Varada.
    • Metastore: Either glue or the full URI of the metastore, such as thrift://<host>:9083.


The S3 location you specify must be in the AWS region in which you installed your Varada Control Center.

  1. Select Apply. Your entries are validated, and if they are valid the Clusters page appears.


If the entries are not valid, an error message appears, make the necessary corrections, then select Apply again.

  1. Select Add Cluster to add the Varada cluster to which the VCC should connect.
    The Add cluster options appear.
  1. Define the following values for the cluster:

    • Name: An alias for the cluster.
    • Protocol: The protocol for connecting to the Coordinator.
    • Host: The host name of the Coordinator.
    • Port: The port for connecting to the Coordinator.
    • Varada Port: An additional port used for creating acceleration instructions and other advanced actions.
  2. Select Create.

The Dashboard page appears, and the Varada Control Center begins monitoring your cluster.