Varada as a Connector

In addition to deploying Varada as a data platform‍, you can easily deploy Varada as a connector to leverage its performance improvements for your existing Trino clusters. For deployment instructions, see Deploy the Varada Connector.

The following diagram shows how Varada integrates into your existing clusters. Varada deploys its own connectors in addition to your existing connectors, and leaves your existing connectors in place. Your Hive or Iceberg catalog will remain untouched and all queries running on tables under the Varada catalog will leverage Varada's acceleration. No query rewrites are required, as your workloads continue to query the existing cluster as before.

Varada can integrate into clusters running the open-source of Trino (formerly known as PrestoSQL), and the commercial offerings of Amazon EMR and GCP DataProc (coming soon!).


Varada offers a community edition of the Trino connector, which is available for Trino 362, Trino 364, Trino 367 and is free for clusters with up to 4 workers. Click here to get the connector and join us on Slack.

Varada Connector Deployment Process Overview

Deploying Varada as a connector includes the following main steps, details of which are given here.

  1. Copy the connector tar.gz file to each of the nodes in the cluster.

  2. Run a script on each node to configure the setup.

  3. Run a script on each node to install the connector.


If you'd prefer, you can first run the script in dry run mode to view the operations that will be performed as part of the installation without making any changes to your system.

  1. Restart the cluster.

Follow the connector deployment instructions for deploying the connector.