Varada Control Center

The Varada Control Center is a web-based user interface from which you can simply spin up a Varada cluster, or connect to an existing cluster to monitor your workloads for a specified reporting period, and proactively and effectively allocate resources to ensure performance requirements are met within budget. From the Varada Control Center, you can override the decisions taken by the query acceleration engine, which uses machine learning to dynamically accelerate queries.


The Varada Control Center’s main dashboard‍ presents a high-level picture of the activity in your clusters. From the dashboard, you can drill down to detailed information, such as the popularity of tables and the resource consumption of users, and use this information to validate that acceleration instructions are effectively accelerating high-priority workloads.

Varada enables you to act at a highly granular resolution, from a single partition on a single column up to entire tables, and leverage different acceleration strategies, such as caching, indexing, text indexing (based on Lucene), and more.

You can easily set workload priorities that enable the Varada platform to automatically adapt to changes in workload behavior and storage consumption. You'll enjoy true hands-free workload acceleration that is designed to meet workload business requirements.