Varada Query Acceleration Platform

Varada offers a cloud data infrastructure platform for big data analytics that embraces data lake architecture.

Leveraging Trino (formerly known as Presto SQL), an open-source distributed SQL query engine, Varada's data platform serves as a smart acceleration layer on your data lake, which remains the single source of truth and runs in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Our secret sauce is our ability to automatically and dynamically index relevant data at the structure and granularity of the source. This means that you can run any SQL query whenever you need it, without any modeling or optimizations.

See the Trino documentation for details about the supported connectors and SQL syntax.

Your Data. Your Cloud Environment. Zero Modeling.

With Varada, your data remains in your cloud environment, such as on an S3 server in your VPC, so there is no need to move, copy, or model data. You'll see performance improvements of 10x to 100x on highly dimensional data sets. You'll be able to significantly cut down on DataOps by eliminating the need for extensive ETLs, data modeling, data duplication, and ongoing optimizations to meet changing business requirements and budget. Any query can continuously meet evolving performance and concurrency requirements while keeping costs predictable and under control.

Check out this video to see the dramatic performance uplift.